Getting Online

The UNF government on Wednesday launched its ambitious strategy to develop Sri Lankas Information Communication and Technology (ICT) sector by 2006. rn
The eSri Lanka road map will act as the blueprint that will guide all stakeholders towards transforming the country into an IT hub. rn

rnFive broad areas for development have been identified including implementation mechanisms, rolling out information infrastructure, human resource development, promotion of software and ICT enabled industries and setting up an e-government paving the way for an e-society. rn

rnTo ensure all success, a super body headed by a CEO will be established to implement the strategy in the first quarter of 2003. rn

rnFive programme managers in charge of ICT human resource development, information infrastructure, e-government and e-society will support the CEO of the Agency. rn

rnAlso included it the ICT road map is a research project that will identify immerging business opportunities in the global ICT realm where Sri Lan

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