Gloom Over Glitter

Jewelry Industry is banding together in an effort to add value to products while capitalizing on the image of the Ceylon Sapphire.rn
While the country has a reputation for top quality sapphires very few of them get set into jewelry here. Even fewer go out with local branding.rn

rnDiamonds are a girls best friend-add a bit of gold and youre set for life.rn

rnFrom those expensive pieces that come out only during important occasions to stuff that is meant for everyday wear, jewelry plays a big part in any persons life.rn

rnPeople spend hours trying to find that perfect piece to own and wear.rn

rnBut the situation of the local jewelry industry is not as bright as the market for the product especially considering Sri Lanka is a hot bed for rare and expensive gems.rn

rnMaking jewelry is the best form of value addition to these gemstones.rn

rnWith almost 14 million carats of rough gemstones going out of the country the opportunities lost are great.rn

rnExporters and the government agen

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