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The US Agency for International Development said it has finalised a five-year US$ 120 mn plan to support peace and reform in Sri Lanka
Visiting USAID Deputy Assistant Administrator Mark Ward said the new strategy demonstrates Washingtons commitment to lquote sticking to Sri Lanka so long as progress is made towards peace and economic reform.rn

rnHe said continued international support was necessary to help rebuild and reconstruct Sri Lankas infrastructure, which has been damaged by the war, to create new jobs and address poverty. rn

rn"Development assistance and private investment from abroad can help Sri Lanka to realise its enormous economic potential," Ward told journalists on Friday. rn

rnSuch overseas support will be jeopardised, however, in the absence of political stability, he said. rn

rnUSAID was in the process of winding up its operations three years ago, but changed tactics after the ceasefire set in 2002.rn

rnThe agency currently has ongoing projects in pockets of the North and Ea

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