Government Power

The government is taking precautionary measures to avert power cuts should the south west monsoon fails to fill the hydro reservoirs.rnThe Energy Supply Committee has already called for Expressions of Interest from emergency power suppliers to shore up the underpowered national grid.rn
Any emergency power will cost the CEB much more than the current average selling price per unit of Rs. 7.60, one of the highest electricity tariffs in the region.rn

rnPower and Energy Minister Karu Jayasuriya in an interview told LBR a tariff hike is not on the cards especially for domestic users.rn

rnLBRs Shamindra Kulamannage in an interview with the minister asked him why there has been little progress in expanding power capacity during his time in charge.rn

rnldblquote We have reason to be satisfied in some areas. We are not happy with certain areas. We are not happy with the coal project. Politics failed it and it is history. But we are seriously considering fast tracking of the coal power plant,

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