Government requests suppliers to register with e-GP procurement system promptly

Sep 18, 2020 (LBO) – Sri Lanka's Government is inviting the supplier community to register with Electronic Government Procurement System (e-GP System) who wish to supply goods, works and consultancy and non-consultancy services to the Government.

This system has been developed with all the essential modules such as Vendor Registration, Procuring Entity Registration, Announcement of Bids, Calling and Receiving of Bids, Electronic Bid Opening, Electronic Bid Evaluation and Contract Awards, facilitating Shopping and National/International Competitive Bidding procurement procedures.

All the Government organizations have been requested to use the e-GP system in procuring goods, works and services at earliest. Therefore, all the suppliers are requested to register with the e-GP system by 31 December 2020 as the use of e-GP system will be made mandatory in due course.

Firms that are registered with the system are eligible to participate in bidding for all procurements of all the government entities, without registering manually with each Procurement Entity.

Annual Registration Fee: Firms who wish to register before 30 November 2020 are given a concessionary registration fee of Rs 5000. Also international suppliers are charged USD 50 as the registration fee. Each registration is valid for 12 calendar months period. Payment should be made via credit/debit cards through the system.

Meeting the Registration Criteria: Firms wish to register are required to logon to the website and follow the process as required. Firms are requested to upload their business registration certificate in Adobe Acrobat pdf file format. Other basic information such as name, address, contact information, telephone, e-mail, etc. are also requested through the on-screen application form.

As a part of the registration process, vendors are required to declare that they meet the pre-requisites for eligibility. Vendors are also required to comply with the e-GP User Declaration.

Registration Assistance & Support: Firms are requested to log in to web portal and review the “User Guide for Vendors” published therein or visit for guidance.

Hotline number for registration support: 1925, Director, e-GP Secretariat, Ministry of Finance, Colombo 01.

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