Grand Slam

Hotel Services Ltd., the owners of the Continental Hotel in downtown Colombo, has won US$ 2.
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5 mn from an arbitration case initiated by Intercontinental Hotels Corp of USA.

Hotel Services sought legal recourse on four counts through the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce, after the US hotel chain cancelled its 30-year lease management agreement midway.


rnThe charges range from damages on account of losses Hotel Services suffered by replacement and repairs; second on account of the losses it incurred when the hotel was shut down from December 20, 2000 to March 27, 2001.rn

rnIntercontinental Hotels also refused to execute the Deed of Release and dragged its feet to hand over the hotel for four months from August 14 2000 to December 19, 2000, Hotel Services, Chairman U K Sharma said in a statement.rn

rnIntercontinental Hotels also filed three counter claims. The claims range from damages when Hotel Services breached its contract, to refusing to employ hotel

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