Growing @ 20%

Central Bank 1st quarter GDP figures indicate that the sector grew by 20 per cent, while the provision of cellular phones increased by 41 per cent.rn

rnInternet and e-mail services grew by 27%. The new Telecom Bill due in August is expected to further accelerate growth in the sector.

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rnThis, at a juncture where most decisions on the telecom industry is pending, including the decision on who pays for the incoming call on a mobile phone and the telecom policy.rn

rnThe government meanwhile, is drafting a national Information Communication and Technology (ICT) policy, which hopes to connect growing Sri Lanka with the rest of the world. rn

rnHopefully, the policy will spur enhancement of present services and reduce the costs. rn

rnMeanwhile, investment in the communications sector has also seen notable growth in the first quarter of 2002. rn

rnSenior Central bank officials said the BOI had approved a number IT and telecommunications related projects in the period. BOI officials were unable to furni

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