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Cellular operator Celltel Lanka, pumped in a further US$ 4 mn to beef up its capacity and extend its reach along the South and Eastern coast.
The fourth phase of its GSM expansion, will see the countrys second largest cellular operator increase its base stations from 170 towns to 250 towns.rn

rnCelltel, which pioneered the pre-paid card usage in Sri Lanka through the lquote CellCARD, says a bulk of its new connections now come from this segment.rn

rnldblquote Pre-paid is currently the largest segment in the cellular market, with the highest growth rate so far,
dblquote says Dumindra Ratnayake, CEO Celltel.rn

rnCelltel has been actively involved in developing value-added services for both the pre-paid and the post paid customer segments, and has driven penetration in rural areas with its innovative Tango facility that offers a home phone with limited mobility at rates affordable to the masses.rn

rnWith around 400,000 customers connected to its network, Celltel has now thrown in a few more value

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