Guerrilla Commitment

Dr. Travis Perera, Human Resource Management Consultant for PIM
quote s MBA programme, in his presentation titled ldblquote Strategies through Human Resource Development climate
dblquote at CIMA Students
quote Conference held last Saturday said organisations should strive to build commitment among employees to outpace its competitors.

rnrnldblquote There is a vast difference between fighting with motivation and fighting through commitment. When an employee is committed he is willing to sacrifice anything to achieve the ultimate objective
dblquote , Perera said.

rnrnCommitment can be developed by the top management among the employees through a three pronged strategy. Perera identifies the first aspects as ldblquote Instrumentality
dblquote , which aims to create a win-win perspective to work among employees.

rnrnSecondly, ldblquote Morality
dblquote comes into play. This is fairness and equity in all aspects of management, rewards schemes and performance appraisal. Morality plays a vital role in buil

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