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Sep 01, 2011 (LBO) - A group of hackers said to be from Sri Lanka are claiming to have 'DNS poisoned' a series of internet servers related to domestic and foreign entities, where viewers are misdirected, using a recently exposed flaw, reports said.

A patch for the flaw in DNS servers, discovered by Dan Kaminsky, a security issues researcher was released last month.

Update III Sri Lanka members of 'Anonymous', a group of international 'hactivists' promoting internet freedom issues are claiming to have hacked in to domain name servers (DNS) that resolve web addresses using a flaw that was exposed in early July.

The group has labeled themselves the 'Hacktivists Group Who Loves Mother Land Sri Lanka', in twitter posts.

Posts on cyberwarnews.com and pastebin.com have claimed DNS poisoning attacks by the groups on servers related to telecos, software firms, the military and the Business Software Alliance, a vendor alliance which promotes action against software piracy.

"Software should be free for everyone - this is against you," a post on pastebin.

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com said.

The group has also claimed DNS attacks against software vendors like Microsoft and Apple, a blog author on cnet.com said.

The group has showed results of 'DNS c

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