Hatching up at the nursery

Audrey Azoulay

At one time he used to collect a list of customers needing service in the morning. But now he gets an SMS message whenever a customer in his areas has a sudden problem.

rnrnWithin seconds he is speeding to the Gestetner customer needing attention.

rnrnMissed calls have become a thing of the past. After the SMS system started productivity has risen sharply.

rnrnldblquote Earlier they could attend to only three or four complaints but now they are doing six or seven a day, dblquote says Sabry Hafeel, Deputy General Manager (Technical,) of Gestetner Ceylon.

rnrnA service call is logged into the computer system by the coordinator at the service centre. This is sent via an SMS modem to a service executive like Lesley within seconds.

rnrnWith the shine going off 3G mobile, equipment suppliers are coming up with instruments and network upgrades that is stretching 2.5 to new extremes.

rnrnBut greatest strides are being made in software that is stretching existing instruments to their limits And Sri Lankan

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