Have Courage

The ADB says it is watching the economic management of Sri Lanka with much interest and called for lquote efficiency in economic management and lquote courage in policy making. rnrn
Visiting ADB Vice President Mr Liqun Jin said the ADB would like to see ldblquote efficiency in economic management and courage in policymaking in Sri Lanka,
dblquote at a press conference on Friday.rn

rnThe ADB Vice President spent three days in Sri Lanka visiting ADB funded projects in various parts of the island and also paid a number of courtesy calls to key Ministers. rn

rnAddressing the media Jin said implementing reforms is a challenge in Sri Lanka and that the government should have the support of all parties to do so, particularly when the peace process is in critical transition stage.rn

rnHe did not comment on when the government hoped to unveil its detailed economic policy document that will specify policy on various reforms programmes that are assisted by the ADB. rn

rnLast year ADB assistance to Sri L

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