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Heads Roll

Pramuka Bank Employees Union called for the banks top management to step down immediately while also forming a stakeholders association to safeguard their interest.
Union President Sunimal Dabrera told members on Monday that the Monetary Board and the Central Bank should exercise its powers under the Banking Act to remove Pramuka Savings & Development Banks senior management.rn

rnldblquote It is these people who have endangered your jobs, the funds of 15,000 people amounting to Rs. 3.5 bn. They do not have the right to hold these positions and enjoy huge benefits with the funds, dblquote Dabrera said.rn

rnHe said the banks losses exceed over Rs. 500 mn. ldblquote We have a negative networth, which means that all our shareholders funds have been robbed. dblquotern

rnUnion members agreed to set up a lquote Pramuka Bank Stakeholders Association to safeguard members interest and the safety of public funds.rn

rnSince a majority of staff members are depositors as well as shareholders, the 15-member

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