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Health Check

The insurance regulator is studying the possibility of setting up a National Health Insurance scheme that could cover the islands entire population.
The Insurance Board of Sri Lanka (IBSL) is in the process of studying the possibilities of setting up such a nationwide insurance scheme.

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rnThe government through budget allocations, funds most of the countrys health services.rn

rnA National Health Insurance scheme could help ease pressure on the budget while requiring policyholders to bear some of the cost.rn

rnThe modalities of the proposal will only be available after the study is complete, according to IBSL board member and securities regulator Palitha Gunawardene.rn

rnHe says the study will be completed in the ldblquote near term
dblquote and will include consultations with government, insurance industry and other stakeholders.rn

rnInsurance experts say that total coverage of the population by a National Health Insurance Scheme might be difficult at first. rn

rnThey also say that govern

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