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Helicopter Ride

Lankas top accounting body is giving its membership tips on how to add value to its products and services at its annual forum next week.
The Chartered Institute of Management Sri Lanka Division will focus on ldblquote Repositioning Sri Lanka Globally dblquote at its annual conference from May 29-30.
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rnldblquote We selected four topics on how we can add value to help reposition our brands in the global scenario, dblquote explains Sudarshan Senaratne, CIMA President.rn

rnMost of Sri Lankas exports are highly labour intensive and commodity-oriented, with every little value addition. rn

rnldblquote Even our major exports, tea and garments, account for about 66 percent of exports, while greater value addition for these products is made outside Sri Lanka. As a result of this low values addition in Sri Lanka we are forever trapped in a low earnings and low wage spiral," Senaratne says.
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rnTo get out of this trap, business leaders, senior staff and managers need to change their mindset to become m

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