Herath retires from T20I and ODIs – ‘I want to make room for fresh talent to be groomed’


Sri Lanka’s dependable veteran spinner Rangana Herath has announced his retirement from T20 and ODI cricket.

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In a letter addressed to Sri Lanka Cricket, Herath says he would like to concentrate on Test cricket – which has always been his personal passion.
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He went on to say “Every cricketer has to stop at the right time, I feel it’s time to make room for fresh talent to be groomed with the 2019 World Cup in view” With a career best (Tests) of 9/127 against Pakistan in 2014, 4/20 (ODI) against India in 2013 and 5/3 (T20I) against New Zealand at the WT20 in 2014, Herath has been an integral part of the Sri Lanka bowling arsenal where his brilliant accuracy and subtle variation in pace and flight made him a force to reckon with both at home and away. In a recent interview with Wisden – India during the WT20, Herath described his uncomplicated style by saying “Wherever I go, I try not to change anything. I give the ball air and try to get the batsmen out.
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….. I figure out the conditions… I have faith in me that I can adjust with the conditions”
– a philosophy he is likely to share with the younger generation.
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