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High Altitude

lquote Countdown to takeoff; passengers are now boarding for the first commercial Hot Air Balloon flights, taking off over Sigiriya this Saturday.
The first commercial balloon flights were given the go-ahead on Tuesday, to start flights over some of Sri Lankas key tourist towns.
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rnldblquote We hope to commence our inaugural flights over Dambulla-Sigiriya and from then on we will operate on a daily basis weather permitting dblquote , says Director, Adventure Centre Asia, Peter Stewart.rn

rnUK based Adventure Centre Asia (ACA) have been given the first ballooning licence to operate here, subject to security constraints on routes in areas further North and East. rn

rnSoaring some 2000 feet off the ground, ACAs 40 ft high, 350,000 cubic foot nylon balloon can hold 16 people in its wicker basket.rn

rnA far cry from the early days of ballooning, when the Montgolfier brothers first tried to set afloat their early balloon made of paper and silk, fuelled by burning wool and straw.rn

rnldblquote Hot

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