Highway Hopes

Nov 17, 2011 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s first high-speed expressway that is to be opened this month lacks adequate roadside space to park vehicles during emergency stops, journalists taken on a tour were able to observe. The southern expressway also has lights only on bridges and at intersections with ramps connecting the highway with other roads.

The expressway designed for 100 kilometres an hour travel links the capital Colombo with the southern port town of Galle and will sharply reduce transport time and costs and help develop the southern region.

But journalists taken on a tour of the expressway Wednesday before its formal opening on November 27, 2011, observed that there was not enough space to stop vehicles on the ‘hard shoulder’ or roadside during emergencies.

It would not be possible to open a door or change a tyre without obstructing traffic on the outer lane of the expressway, according to a reporter from Vimasuma.com, our sister news website.

However, areas for parking during emergencies had been created in some areas along the highway.

The highway runs through forests and motorists should beware of animals crossing the road especially at night.

Motorists can dial the emergency