Holding Hands

The Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) now being negotiated with the islands giant neighbour could see Sri Lankas e-government policies tilting in line with Indias already prevalent citizen services and trade facilitating systems.
The partnership seeks to remove trade, services movement and investment barriers between the two economies, creating a familiar environment for businesses and professionals dealing with the other side. rn

rnServices like customs could share common ground or procedures under the agreement. rn

rnIndustry watchers say as Sri Lanka has just started its e-government strategy and India already has a number of operational areas, that it is likely that local systems would hinge off our neighbours solutions. rn

rnMeanwhile, the CEPA will also push for greater voice and data connectivity between the island and India rn

rnThe committee that studied the potential of the partnership recommends setting up of a regional internet peering (redirection of internet user

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