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Mar 04, 2010 (LBO) – Pan Asia Banking Corporation (PABC) is looking to diversify its loan book by wooing customers to take its 'Express Nivasa' housing loan scheme that gives quick loan approvals to future home owners. "The housing sector went through some trouble last year," A G Weerasinghe, chairman at PABC said.

"Houses that were earmarked for 30 million (rupees) are being sold for 20 million now; lands that were around 4.0 million are sold at 3.0 million or less now."

Sri Lanka's current account deficit spree started in 2004 chiefly financed by printed money and quantity easing by intervening in the Treasury bill market gave birth to a bubble, which burst in 2007 after the central bank tightened policy rates.

The island's real-estate sector which was changing Colombo's skyline crashed with cheap credit drying up. Many large development projects were put on cold storage as pre-sales; another cheap funding source, also vanished.

Weerasinghe said the housing market which was dormant in the last few years is showing signs of a recovery.

"With the dawn of peace there is much scope for housing in Sri Lanka," Weerasinghe said.

Monies from the loan can be used to purchase a house, buy

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