HomeTree: Sri Lanka’s first co-working space dedicated to mindfulness at work

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Sri Lanka's first coworking space dedicated to mindfulness at work, HomeTree Coworking, aims to re-invent pre-pandemic work culture by focusing on consciousness, community and co-creation in the new normal.

Elaborating on HomeTree's mantra for 2021, founder Semal Luthra noted that their vision was to re-invent how people work, create and connect in a post-pandemic world. "We have dedicated our space, events and programs to introduce something revolutionary in Sri Lanka. We aim to create a community of change makers who prioritize personal growth, social change and collaboration over competition," she remarked.

Located right next to Majestic City, in Colombo 4, HomeTree is not just a homely hassle-free coworking space. HomeTree is a community of entrepreneurs, freelancers and business professionals who stride for change, big and small. HomeTree offers a range of flexible, tailor-made memberships, from virtual memberships to individual desks and private offices.

"5 years ago, I left my 9 to 5 consulting job at Deloitte UK because I was tired of working just to get paid, living for the weekend, and struggling to find meaning in my work. I allowed myself to dream and think beyond the world I knew. That's when I decided that I wanted to raise consciousness in the world of work, and just 3 years from that point, I started HomeTree with that mission at heart. We want to give you that same opportunity!" Semal affirmed.

HomeTree aims to focus on a new world of work, where your inner guidance and consciousness directs what you 'do' in the outer world.

HomeTree's community of changemakers is a testament to their offerings. "If we have our own place, creating an environment like this would be a huge cost. The facilities at HomeTree are really good. Our employees enjoy that and we can focus on our business at a great workspace", noted Co-Founder of PickMe and YohoBed/Yoho Mart, Fathhi Mohamed.

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