Hotel Nippon opens to public after Rs400mn refurbishment

Nippon 1

Feb 23, 2017 (LBO) - Sri Lanka's Hotel Nippon has reopened for tourists looking for a more sophisticated level of accommodation with a 400 million rupee renovation and refurbishment.
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"The hotel aims to cater to a completely new demographic and is equipped and designed to receive guests with various needs," the hotel said releasing a statement. "It aims at medical tourists, budget travelers looking for a more sophisticated level of accommodation, the business tourist who wants to be close to the Central Business district." The building was first built as Manning Mansions, apartments for the British during their rule, and was later converted to Hotel Polski briefly and then Hotel Nippon. It is currently owned by 4 brothers: V.K. Chandrasena, V.K. Vasan, Dr. V.K. Valsan and the late V.K. Prasannan, all sons of the late Vethody Kumaran. They have maintained some key elements of the building’s history, like the 130-year-old Burma teak staircases that runs through two areas of the building, and the 130-year-old antique Seth Thomas grandfather clock. The iron beams that run through the skeletal structure of the building are all still in place since the time Nippon was first built as Manning Mansions, and have embossed seals on them that state their factory of origin. They are from England during the mid 19th century.
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