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How tourism growth affect real estate sector in Sri Lanka

By Lamudi Real estate and tourism are two different industries that correlate and influence on one another. Especially, by the end of the 30 year-long civil war, the country was able to resolve all its security issues, establishing confidence in entering different parts of the country for locals as well as tourists around the globe. This resulted in a considerable growth in the tourism industry as well as the real estate sector. When discussing the impacts tourism has on the real estate industry in Sri Lanka, first, it is important to pay attention to some of the benefits of the tourism sector that helps nourish the property sector and the economy of the country. Let’s connect the dots here. How does tourism help build a strong real estate climate in Sri Lanka? Sri Lanka considered as an island encapsulated in a plethora of cultural and religious values as well as natural resources. Hence, the country is always in the limelight among those who travel for different purposes. According to reports published by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority, 2016: A total of 2.058,000 tourists arrived in Sri Lanka, an increase of 14% compared to the previous year. In 2017, Sri Lanka was recognized as one of the world's fastest growing tourism markets. With 52.8 points, the island nation was placed 4th, accompanied by Japan, Iceland, Hungary, and Chile. As many travelers enter the country it is evident that they continuously search for accommodation options both mid-scale and luxury. Prime cities such as Colombo, Galle, and Kandy lure tens and thousands of tourists every day. Based on Lamudi's in-house data these cities are also considered as prime real estate cities that shows immense popularity as well as rising property prices when it comes to residential and commercial property. Researchers and analysis conducted focusing on the tourism industry have also proved that this sector plays a major role in fostering many business and economic opportunities for both locals as well as foreigners. One of the finest examples for this is the Colombo Port City which is set to be completed by the year of 2020 and is predicted to convert Colombo into a “smart city”. In addition to this, now we see an increase in mix developments such as the Twin Spectacle which is located in Colombo 03, and the Iconic & Elements Residencies in Rajagiriya, caters to the rising residential and commercial demands. What the future looks like In addition to the growth in the Hotel industry, the Luxury residential and commercial properties, a current rising trend in the country is the growth in vacation homes. Since traveling across the country has become more affordable, and due to the government’s decision to reduce levies on the hotel sector and the travel industry, we are bound to see a rise in demand towards short-term living options as well as multi-family living options for those who prefer living with locals to get a taste of living in Sri Lanka. Lamudi in-house search results show that there is an over 45% increase in the number of tourists who stays in mid-scale hotels, multi-family homes, and villas. Based on the above statistics, the progress of Sri Lanka’s tourism accommodation options for 2018 Q3, are as follows. • Projects that received final improvement = 337 • Projects that are under construction = 113 • Projects that are in operation = 182 • Projects that are not yet started = 42 The total value of investment for projects that have received final improvement stands as USD 2,900.1 million (Source – Tourism Industry Report 2018 Q3) Entertainment and Healthcare are two other main sectors which seem to be benefiting thanks to the constant improvements in the tourism sector of the country. Developers no longer aim to just build residential properties, but also focuses on providing a 360 quality living experience by incorporating malls, cinemas, and other amenities to improve the living standards of citizens. Furthermore, Ayurveda retreats across the island are also rising in population thanks to the arrival of foreign travelers. (Media Release by
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