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The country is readying it self for record tourist arrivals this year with the industry being the first to benefit from the peace dividend. Tour operators are also looking for a large part of that growth to come from the Asian region and also from the big neighbour India.
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However, the industry is also concerned about the lack of airline seat capacity to the subcontinent, which could hurt the tourism boom.rn

rnIn the fourth in a series on the travel and leisure sector we look at potential for the country to become a regional aviation hub.rn

rnThe Bandaranaike International airport handles 6 to 8 movements on the runway during peak hours. However, this says nothing of the airports total potential.

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The airport can handle a maximum of 20 flights an hour.rn

rnWhat it handles at present is a mere 25 percent of its capacity.rn

rnThe last few years have been particularly bad for the BIA.rn

rnThe setback came with the July 2001 terrorist attack on the airport.rnAir Traffic is picking u

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