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“I will resign if political stability is not achieved soon” CB Governor

Sri Lanka's Central Bank Governor Nandalal Weerasinghe says without political stability in the island, the bank’s steps towards the revival of the nation’s economy would not be successful.

Speaking to the media a short while ago in Colombo he said he would resign if political parties do not ensure stability in the next two weeks.

"I expected political stability when I took office one month ago but unfortunately that has not been the case," he said Wednesday.

"It's extremely challenging to revive an economy in a country where law and order is not maintained.
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He added that without a legitimate government with a Prime Minister, Cabinet and a Finance Minister, Sri Lanka won't be able to proceed with debt restructuring and IMF negotiations.

"The usable foreign reserves are barely enough to finance one week of imports."

Government troops and military vehicles have been deployed in the streets of Colombo amid widespread protests against the government over the economic failure of the country.

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