ICC chief wants day/nighters put to the test

LONDON, December 17, 2009 (AFP) – International Cricket Council (ICC) president David Morgan expects day/night Test cricket to become a reality within the next two years as a way of countering declining attendances for the five-day game. Trials with a pink ball for use under floodlights are underway with officials determined to boost global interest levels in Test cricket.

Tests remain hugely popular in England and Wales but that is not the case elsewhere in the world where decreasing attendance figures for the longer game have led officials to ponder staging matches at more ‘fan-friendly’ times.

“The ICC has recognised that in some countries Test cricket is not that popular in terms of people paying at the gate,” Morgan told reporters at a meeting of the Indian Journalists’ Association at the Oval here on Wednesday.

“We want to ensure Test cricket is as popular around world as it is in England.

“All 10 full board members at the ICC are switched on to improving Test cricket and its attendances.

“If you look at a country like Australia with big stadia and very hot conditions, it’s made for day-night Test cricket,” Morgan, a former chairman of the England and Wales Cricket Board, added.

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