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International call charges are expected to fall further, when a new system of short codes that will allow customers to access an external gateway of their choice comes operational.rn

Experts say that the move also cements could help reestablish the island as a regional leader in telecom regulation. rn

rnInternational call costs fell by over 60 percent after the Government gave licenses to nearly 30 companies to operate External Gateway Operators (EGO).

EGOs link incoming and outgoing voice traffic with overseas and local telecom operators.rn

rnThe international voice traffic business was until recently a monopoly of Sri Lanka Telecom. rn

rnLiberalisation and the licensing of an unlimited number of external gateways together with other tariff reforms helped bring down prices.rn

rnOfficials say the introduction of access codes will help subscribers to easily pick between External Gateway Operators when making international calls.rn

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