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Imperative for SOE Reforms in focus at Sri Lanka Economic Summit 2023


The second session of the Sri Lanka Economic Summit 2023 titled ‘SOE Reforms – Now or Never’ will focus on the imperative for SOE reforms, sharing invaluable insights into the ongoing SOE reforms and their potential impact on economic growth.

The session will center around a deep dive into the transformation of large SOEs, their restructuring, and the role of labour reforms in fostering economic advancement. With a distinguished lineup of experts and key stakeholders, the session is set to be an enlightening experience for all participants.

Suresh Shah, the Director General of the State Owned Enterprises Restructuring Unit will serve as the presenter, offering a comprehensive overview of the progress made in SOE reforms and what lies ahead.

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Session panelists include Kanchana Wijesekera, Minister of Power and Energy, Shan Yahampath, Advisor to the Minister of Labour and Foreign Employment, Mr. Alejandro Alvarez de la Campa, Country Manager of IFC Sri Lanka and Maldives, and Vish Govindasamy, Group Managing
Director of Sunshine Holdings PLC, with Mr. Dhananath Fernando, CEO of the Advocata Institute moderating the session.

Participants can expect an in-depth exploration of the current status of SOE reforms, the strategies for revitalizing large SOEs, and an examination of the potential positive impact these reforms could have on economic growth. Additionally, the critical role of labor reforms in this process will be thoroughly discussed, providing a well-rounded perspective.

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This session is a unique opportunity to gain insights into the viewpoints of various stakeholders involved in the implementation of SOE reforms.

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