Implement Reforms That Align With Evolving Industrial Practices: Shipping & Logistics Veteran

Renowned shipping and logistics veteran Rohan Masakorala highlighted the need to implement reforms that align with evolving industrial practices, at a recent discussion forum on the topic of "Does Sri Lanka Have a Future in Shipping and Logistics? Or Have we Lost it?", organised by the Sri Lanka-Italy Business Council (SLITBC) of The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.

The breakfast meeting provided a platform for open and insightful discussions surrounding the current state of the shipping and logistics industry in Sri Lanka, addressing concerns, exploring solutions to overcome obstacles, and charting a way forward. 

During his keynote speech, Masakorala highlighted the crucial role of policy decisions and the need for informed and accurate decision-making to sustain the industry, drawing attention to Sri Lanka's favorable geographical location for shipping and logistics and questioning whether sufficient efforts had been made to leverage this advantage.

Reflecting on the history of the Sri Lankan Port industry, Masakorala emphasized the need to learn from the successes of other countries, such as India's proactive measures, and to implement reforms that align with evolving industrial practices. He drew attention to the ranking of leading maritime companies worldwide, where Singapore and Dubai have secured prominent positions while Sri Lanka currently lags behind.

The breakfast meeting concluded with a dynamic question-and-answer session, allowing attendees to engage directly with him and gain further insights into the challenges and potential solutions for the shipping and logistics industry in Sri Lanka.

The SLITBC is dedicated to enhancing trade and investment between Sri Lanka and Italy. The council aims to foster business relationships, exchange industry knowledge, and facilitate dialogue between the business communities of the two countries. 

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