Impotent patient kills sex doctor

NEW DELHI, May 29, 2006 (AFP) – An Indian sexologist was shot dead by a patient depressed by worsening impotency, reports said Monday. Javed Ali, 22, on Sunday pumped seven bullets into the self-styled sexologist who had been treating him for two years, The Hindustan Times said.

Thirty-three-year-old Rajesh Abbot fell under a hail of gunfire as he stepped out of his car in a New Delhi market, police said.

Local residents caught the killer who told police “ayurvedic” or traditional herbal medicine prescribed by the unqualified Abbot had worsened his problem, The Hindu newspaper said.

The Abbot had lately tried to avoid Ali, the reports said.

The Hindustan Times noted that 40,000 “quack” doctors operate in New Delhi alone, according to unofficial estimates, alongside 30,000 registered doctors.