In-Flight Bid

Singapores Changi Airport has put an unsolicited bid to take up a 60 percent stake in Airport Aviation Services Ltd (AASL).
The bid comes after Changi Airport Chairman, Boon Swan Foo showed interest in managing and developing some of Sri Lankas airports.rn

rnIn a meeting with BOI Chairman Arjunna Mahendra recently, Foo had shown interest in Sri Lankas airport expansion programme and the possible construction of an alternate airport in Hambantota. rn

rnHe also showed interest in general areas of aircraft maintenance and aircraft traffic control. rn

rnSingapore Changi Airport is a subsidiary of the Singapore Civil Aviation Authority.rn

rnA top level government team is currently in talks with US, UK and Malaysian consultancy firms to invest in the Bandaranaike International Airport.rn

rnThe project has attracted interest from Bechtel Inc of USA, British Airport Group, Airways New Zealand and Canadas Airport Development Corp.rn

rnOnce selected, the consultants will develop Expressions of Intere

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