Increase Service Exports in Education Sector: EDB to work with SLANSHEI & Education Advisory Committee

The Sri Lanka Association of Non-State Higher Education Institutes (SLANSHEI) held its Annual General Meeting on 22nd March 2024 at Waters Edge, Battaramulla. Dr. Dayan Rajapaksha who was re-elected as the President of SLANSHEI for another term welcomed the gathering. The SLANSHEI membership consisted of 14 Higher Education Institutions. The main objectives of SLANSHEI are to address the needs, provide leadership and develop the non-state higher education sector in the country.  Addressing the gathering as the Chief Guest, Dr. Kingsley Bernard, Chairman & CEO of Sri Lanka Export Development Board said that we need to give an export fever to all the citizens of the country. Further his speech conveyed the following important messages.

He emphasized the need to think innovative, out of the box to experience a quantum leap in the export sector. We have to identify niche markets, the key factor is forecast the need of the society. He said that the service sector faired very well in 2023 compared to 2022. 

EDB has identified the services sector as a key sector for export promotion. Education is close to my heart Dr. Bernard said. 

He said that SLANSHEI and the Advisory committee has a good relationship with the services division of EDB and he is happy to say that with the assistance of EDB and the advisory committee they were able to resolve the student visa issue. Similarly EDB would assist to resolve issues and promote the sector overseas.

H E the President is keen to upgrade certain institutes to university level and requested the SLANSHEI members to work closely to achieve the objectives. It is not to compete among the institutions, but to work together and increase the portion for Sri Lanka. 

He said, as educationist the Institutes should think new and analyze the demand for the next 5 years, to work out and introduces relevant course of study in the country. Sri Lanka can become an education hub, we need to highlight it and promote.

Sri Lanka has earned a good reputation on certain services such as wellness, sports, buddhism and pali which we can attract not only neighboring countries but European or USA students. World is becoming deregulated and there are lot of opportunities waiting outside for us to grab. He wished SLANSHEI all success in the future endeavors.

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