India allows watching internet sex after widespread criticism over ‘moral policing’


Aug 06, 2015 (LBO) – India has lifted its ban on 857 websites that host adult or pornographic content after the move was severely criticized as a Talibani type decision.

The government reversed the decision it took few days ago, ordering Internet Service Providers to only block access to sites that contain ‘child pornographic content’ allowing the Supreme Court to take a final decision.

The original move was an interim reaction to a public interest litigation case filed in the Supreme Court by an Indian lawyer who wanted to ban all pornographic content in the internet.

“Watching porn itself puts the country’s security in danger, encourages violent acts, unacceptable behavior in society, exploitation of children and lowers the dignity of women.” his petition said.

Following the petition Indian Department of Telecommunications in an order on 31 July asked Internet Service Providers to block access to 857 websites, citing threats to public morality.

The move opened a fresh debate over the net censorship and criticized as an unwarranted decision of the government which ultimately hinders the freedom of speech and expression.

However after the reversal of ban, the Internet Service Providers Association of India is keep criticizing the government’s decision saying it is not their responsibility to Police the internet.

“How can the government put the responsibility on us to see whether a website carries child pornography or not?” Rajesh Chharia, president of the association has told Indian media.

Sri Lanka has pioneered the internet censorship in South Asia after the successful implementation of blocking hundreds of websites ranging from porn to even news websites during the former Rajapaksa regime.