Indian state seeks Sri Lanka’s help to study Blue Mormon butterfly

blue mormon butterfly

Sept 10, 2015 (LBO) - India's Forest Minister Sudhir Mungantiwar has sought Sri Lanka's help to study the newly declared state butterfly of Maharashtra, the Blue Mormon, as they do not have sufficient information about it, he said. He had made this request to Sri Lanka's Consul General to Mumbai, Saroja Sirisena, during a recent meeting, the Mid-Day reported.
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Maharashtra, where the commercial capital Mumbai is based, is home to 225 varieties of butterflies and accounts for 15 per cent of the country’s estimated butterfly population.
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The Blue Mormon is the second largest in size among all butterflies, second only to the Southern Birdwing. It is found only in Sri Lanka, Western Ghats of Maharashtra, and the coastal belts of India, according to the Indian Express. Sirisena also invited Mungatiwar to study Sri Lanka's forests and the high density of leopards on the island. “We will visit Sri Lanka to study leopards, as the state has a considerable big cat population,” an official of the Forest Ministry said.
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sacre blieu
sacre blieu
8 years ago

India and its conservationist should be commended for their interest in their bio-diversity and its protection. In our country too, there are dedicated , both individuals and organisations, who are known for their knowledge and genuine dedication. We are not the creators of life, but we seem to have reserved the right to destroy. We are at the edge with the balance of nature and to continue on such a route and neglect will, soon be at our own peril and destruction, and the animal in us will burst out uncontrollable. Our politics have , in a way, been made a contribution to mans inhumanity to mankind.

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