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India’s cricket board accuses “snooty” ICC of neo-colonialism

MUMBAI, Oct 12, 2006 (AFP) - India's battle against the International Cricket Council turned nasty Thursday with the world governing body of the game accused of snooty, avaricious neo-colonialism.
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The ICC did no immediately comment on Modi's comments.
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"The avaricious and snooty officials are behaving more as masters and less as paid executives," raged Lalit Modi, vice-president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).
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Modi charged that the "weird logistics" of the ICC during the ongoing Champions Trophy in India was the root cause of the trouble.

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"Everything including accreditation and security is being handled by companies based in London or South Africa who have no clue about ground realities here," Modi wrote in The Times of India.

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"The one good thing is that the world media has seen the real face of the neo-colonialists of international cricket.

"These people are bent upon setting up their empire by parachuting some mercenaries who are acting like agents of new imperialism in India.

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Behind the flare-up lies big money and India's refusal to sign a key commercial contract with the ICC despite threats it could lose the right to stage the 2011 cricket World Cup as

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