India’s Sebi proposes new regulations for investment advisors

MUMBAI, Dec 29 (Asia Pulse) – Indian market regulator Sebi has proposed new rules for investment advisors that will require them to be registered with a self-regulatory organisation (SRO) before undertaking such a role. The services will include financial advice, financial planning service and actions which would influence an investment decision.

Besides, representatives of investment advisors or their intermediaries would also be eligible.

“Investment advisors tend to call themselves by varied names viz. wealth managers, private bankers, etc. This causes much confusion as to their role and responsibility.

“Hence the regulations will provide that no person can carry on the activity of offering investment advice unless he is registered as an investment advisor under the regulations,” the Sebi paper said.

(PTI) The proposed framework intends to regulate investment advisory services in various forms including independent financial advisors, banks, distributors and fund managers.

The proposal has been mooted by Sebi in a concept paper, floated in September last week.

“While the activity of giving investment advice will be regulated under the proposed framework through an SRO, issues relating t