Interpreting Interpretations

In the run up to the polls Lanka Business Online published the opinion polls of Org Marg Smart. Dr. Harsha de Silva, a pioneer in opinion polling in Sri Lanka, who has been observing the polling by both OMS and the CPA and their interpretations has attempted a combined analysis of both the OMS and the CPA polls.
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We give below Excerpts from his views:

It is with interest that many are following the continuing saga of the of the opinion polls prior to the 2 April elections. In my article of 24 March (In the Daily Mirror) I said ldblquote Even though opinion polling is still relatively new to Sri Lanka, it must be recognized that these polls have now become an important factor in the political discourse.
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dblquote rn

rnI will show in this note that the finding of the pollsters is that public opinion has taken a complete turn around since the beginning of the campaign and that peace has overtaken cost of living as top priority as shown below:rn



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