Investrust says its money market fund outperformed in 2015

Feb 29, 2016 (LBO) – Investrust Wealth Management Ltd, a member of Investrust Holdings Ltd, said its money market fund was the best performing for the year ended 2015.

The Investrust Money Fund delivered a net after fee return of 8.60 percent p.a. while outperforming the Money Market Funds available in the market, according to the data compiled by Unit Trust Association of Sri Lanka.

Unit Trust industry in Sri Lanka currently comprises fourteen fund management companies with seventeen Money Market Funds.

“Investrust Money Fund which was launched in June 2014 is a diverse cash strategy consisting of a portfolio of government securities and investment grade and above rated short term corporate debt instruments,” a statement said.

“The fund’s objective is to consistently outperform the benchmark of monthly weighted average 3-Month Treasury bill yield.”

Investrust Holdings Limited (IHL) is a boutique investment banking services company in Sri Lanka. IHL holds a complementary business portfolio of fee based investment banking and wealth management.

Investrust Capital (Pvt) Ltd, which is a subsidiary of Investrust Holdings Ltd, has raised over 69 billion rupees in the form of debt instruments for local corporate entities, the statement said.