It Stinks!

Although once lucky with SARS and twice lucky so far with the Avian Flu the next outbreak of a new infectious disease could push luck beyond its limits – but at this point Sri Lanka has very little but luck to count on.
Sri Lanka is a high-risk candidate for foreign infectious diseases but the countrys identification and control systems are so week its prime time for any new contagion to cause maximum damage.
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rnldblquote With what we have now we cant handle any new epidemic at any time,
dblquote said Dr. Ananda Wijewickrama, Consultant Physician Infectious Disease Hospital (IDH) while explaining the problems of Sri Lankas only dedicated infectious disease unit at a seminar organised by the Asian Development Bank on Thursday.rn

rnThe hospital received a spurt of attention from the Health Ministry in 2003, thanks to the SARS outbreak and obtained some essential equipment with ADB funding, but the need-to-have list is still alarmingly high.rn

rnFor starters, the hospital has no X-ray machine or g

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