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Italian makeover for Indian cricketers

NEW DELHI, July 14, 2006 (AFP) - India's cricketers could soon be touring in Italian designer suits if a deal goes ahead with Milan-based fashion house Canali, an official said Friday.
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Canali has bid a handsome amount for the rights to provide jackets, trousers, shirts, ties and shoes for the players, Indian cricket board secretary Niranjan Shah said.
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"Canali have shown interest and made an offer to us.

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We have also shown interest," Shah said.
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"They make world class clothing and will definitely make our players look smarter.
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If the Indian board accepts Canali's offer, the Indian stars will don their new suits for the first time at the Champions Trophy tournament at home in October-November.

On the field, the Indian team is kitted out by US giant Nike, who paid 43 million dollars for a five-year deal.

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India's cricket-crazy millions make it the commercial powerhouse that drives world cricket.

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Five of the six official sponsors of the International Cricket Council are India-specific.
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