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Japan seeks transparency in Sri Lanka after war

June 16, 2010 (AFP) - A visiting Japanese envoy said Wednesday that Sri Lanka must ensure an open and fair process to address grievances of minority Tamils after the end of the civil war last year.
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"We expect our reconciliation commission to address all issues to the conflict as part of our healing process.


Akashi said he had raised the issue of involving the United Nations in Sri Lanka's reconciliation process with Peiris.

Akashi's visit coincides with trips to Sri Lanka by two advisers to US President Barack Obama and top UN envoy Lynn Pascoe.

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Samantha Power, special assistant to Obama on multilateral affairs and human rights, and David Pressman, national security council director for war crimes and atrocities, began four days of meetings in Sri Lanka on Tuesday. Yasushi Akashi, whose country is the largest national donor to Sri Lanka, said a planned reconciliation commission must be "transparent and comprehensible" if it is to secure a prosperous future for the island.

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Government forces defeated Tamil Tiger separatist rebels in May last year, but Sri Lanka remains divided as it emerges from decades of ethnic conflict.

"We are watching how the reconciliation commission w

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