Japanese investor reiterates confidence in Sri Lanka

Jun 12, 2019 (LBO) - President of Tosslec Co. Ltd, Kyoto, Japan Jitsuo Mikasa, a Japanese investor has reaffirmed that his company would continue to invest in Sri Lanka without any break or disruption.

Tosslec Co. Ltd’s subsidiary Tos Lanka Co.

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(Pvt) Ltd has been in operation in the Biyagama Export Processing Zone since 1995 and has created a niche market position as a supplier of ‘low volume high value’ electronic components to sophisticated markets of Japan, North America and Europe.

In an interview the President of the company said.....

Q.Could you please share with us your synergies with the electronic manufacturing services industry?
A. In my younger days I was invited to join Japan's NIDEK which was a reputed global leader in hard disk technology.

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The President of NIDEK was my personal friend. However due to reasons of a compelling personal nature I was more interested in venturing on my own and 38 years ago I set up Tosslec Co. Ltd. located in the heartland of Kyoto, Japan. Tosslec which is a medium scale Electronics Manufacturing Services Company specialises in Printed Circuit Boards was a key player in the domestic supply value chain for Electronics Manufacturing in Japan with links to major brand names such as NIDEK , GS Battery, Fuji Denki and Nippon Denso and the Iconic

Q. How significant is Tosslec today in the Japanese Electronics Industry Vis- A-Vis the major brand names in Japan?

A. Over the years Tossslec strengthened its position in the Japanese value
chain in manufacturing and through the efforts of a team of young engineers dedicated to flawless quality and timely delivery, we have established ourselves as a reliable supplier of a multifaceted range of printed circuit boards for major brands such as NIDEK , GS Battery, Fuji Denki and Nippon Denso. Currently Tosslec runs a continuous manufacturing programme for automotive air conditioning sensors for Toyota.

Q. What was your motivation to set up a subsidiary in Sri Lanka?

A. In view of the continuous escalation of manufacturing costs in Japan, I
strategised the need to shift our manufacturing base offshore. China was the first option. However my decision in 1995 in setting up Tos Lanka in Biyagama was the outcome of my intrinsic affection and attachment to Sri Lanka. First and foremost I value our common heritage in Buddhism. I have also read with much gratitude the historic role played by the great Statesman President J.R. Jayewardene and his plea on behalf of Japan at the San Francisco Conference at the end of the war. My decision to invest in Sri Lanka was further strengthened due to the friendship I shared with Mr.

Merrick Gooneratne who has done his Post Graduate Studies in Kyoto University, speaks fluent Japanese and who was awarded the Emperor's Order of the Rising Sun in 2014. He has been my partner for the past 24 years as the CEO of Tos Lanka.

Q. What is your overview of Sri Lankan Manufacturing Competence in the background of Tos Lanka's Operations for nearly 25 years?

A: I was impressed with the comparatively high level of education, literacy and numeracy skills in Sri Lanka which facilitate the assembly of a competent workforce. The average Sri Lanka Factory Operator is diligent, agile, understands instructions and is capable of meeting the highest quality
standards in manufacturing. With the leadership of educated young engineers specialised in electronic manufacturing skills, my core workers at Tos Lanka have established for Tos Lanka a niche market position as a supplier of "low volume high value" electronic components to sophisticated markets of Japan, North America and Europe. I recall my visit to Norway and travelling to distant manufacturing sites in Norway promoting Sri Lankan electronics with much success.

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I have also visited Germany, Finland and Vancouver in Canada and through these visits established a customer network in Germany and Vancouver for low volume high value electronic assemblies including PCBs for multi end users such as Bio- Medical Engineering, Surveillance equipment, Telecommunications, Oil Drilling and Consumer Electronics and of course automotive sector. Our Products have won the confidence of our buyers for compliance with the highest quality standards backed by mandatory International Certification Procedures.

Q. How would you characterise your Company's operations in Sri Lanka?
A. First and foremost the emphasis at Tos Lanka is on achieving global quality standards. I believe in upgrading human skills.

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With this in mind I initiated in 1997 a continuous HRD programme under which batches of my core workers from Tos Lanka are sent on short term and long term training in manufacturing and quality management techniques in my Japanese Company's facilities in Kyoto and Nakatsugawa. Under this programme I am proud to have enhanced Sri Lankan engineering skills by training a workforce of over 300 young men and women over the past 23 years. Most of them continue to work at Tos Lanka up to date and some serving other sectors. I believe that the Japanese work ethic based on discipline and innovation and out of the box thinking is relevant to upgrading Sri Lankan manufacturing to global standards.

Q. Are you diversifying your Company's activities in Sri Lanka?
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A. We hope to play an important role by supplying the set top box when
digital TV is introduced to Sri Lanka hopefully under the Japanese standard. We are also since 2016 working on an Electronics Solution for moth repellants to control the loss to Sri Lanka's Agriculture due to plethora of moths specially nocturnal moths. Our product is also targeted towards controlling the fall army moth which was a plague on Sri Lankan agriculture in the recent past. We are working closely with State Institutions such as Horticultural Crop Research and Development Institute and privately owned organic farms. Already our innovative LED Lamp is being used successfully to repel moths on some organic farms concentrating on fruits and vegetables. Meanwhile we are also strengthening our efficiencies in our ongoing operations related to automotive safety harnessing and air bag assembly which we pioneered in Sri Lanka in 2002.

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We are also consolidating our operations in coil assemblies.

Q. What would you perceive to be your other major contributions to Sri
Lankan manufacturing?

Under my leadership Tos Lanka is committed to taking Sri Lankan electronics into its villages and hinterland. With this in view I set up an outsource centre in Mulativu with the assistance of a Swiss NGO. Unfortunately this could not be sustained due to the reluctance of the youth in that area to work in manufacturing environment and also the logistics issues involved. We were also involved in employing several displaced youth in the Eastern Province in the aftermath of the war.

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My CEO Merrick Gooneratne is dedicated
towards National Reconciliation and has always endeavoured to employ a
multi ethnic workforce. I am happy to note that my outsourcing centres at Kegalle and Mawanella are working successfully. We are now in discussion with a few Entrepreneurs in setting up outsource centres in other parts of Sri Lanka's hinterland.

Q. Is your Holding Company in Kyoto, Japan involved in other initiatives?

A. We are at this time concentrating on developing ultra fine bubble
technology which is an exciting innovative technology which opens up
innovation for agriculture, food processing, cleaning and medical applications. If this present initiative in Japan works out well I hope to diversify the activities of Tos Lanka accordingly as I see much relevance of this technology in Sri Lanka's growing Marine Farming Industry.

Q My last question to you Mikasa on your reaction to the tragedy and trauma of Easter Morning in 2019?

A. This happened on the morning after arrival to Sri Lanka on my monthly short duration visit.

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I was at golf at the Royal Colombo Golf Club when Mr. Merrick Gooneratne phoned me and informed me of this terrorist attack.

Of course this is nothing new to me. I maintained my calm and recollected an incident in 1995 when I came to Sri Lanka to sign the agreement with the BOI to commence Tos Lanka operations. The Central Bank had been bombed and the Country was in a state of panic. I was undisturbed. Since 1995 we built Tos Lanka and sustained its operations at the worst times of the war up to achievement of peace on 18th May 2009. I was never discouraged by the many experiences of disaster and disruption during the years of the LTTE conflict. But in the same spirit I remained undeterred by the tragedy of the Easter morning. I reaffirm my commitment to Sri Lanka and to the further progress of my
Company in Sri Lanka towards new investment without any break or disruption of my customer network. In fact on 22nd April the day after the bombing, assisted by my CEO Gooneratne I ensured unimpeded activities of my company. Our attendance was even better than normal.
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There was hardly any absenteeism. There was no disruption in utilities. The Port and Airport functioned as normal. Movement of our imports and exports functioned perfectly. I noted with satisfaction the excellent response from the BOI Administration in Biyagama to restore normalcy in the Zone. Security arrangements were strengthened and our workforce attended work without any disruption. A German business delegation which was to have visited on 13th May postponed the visit to another date because of this incident. Beyond that I have no negative outcome from the April 21st Incident.
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My Resident Manager who is aJapanese continues to be in Sri Lanka leading a normal life. My employees are happy. All system are working well. The BOI responds to our issues positively. Security is assured.
Outsourcing Centres work well. Our Commitments to all our foreign buyers
are on schedule. What is more, all Japanese restaurants are open as usual.
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The Golf Club is open as usual. To me life is undisrupted in Sri Lanka and I reiterate my faith in Sri Lanka and plans for Business Expansion.

Mr Noboyuki Tanaka, Factory Manager TOSLANKA, Mr. Jitsuo Mikasa and Mr Merrick Gooneratne, CEO , TOSLANKA inspect manufacture of printed circuit boards at Biyagama plant
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