Jennifer Perera joins Credence Genomics

Jennifer Perera

Press Release: Award winning Professor Jennifer Perera, has joined the clinical panelists of Credence Genomics, the country’s leading commercial biotechnology venture, equipped with Next Generation Sequencing technology.

Prof Perera joins the farsighted team behind this pioneering venture led by Dr. Vaz Santosh Gnanam. Credence has succeeded where few have dared to venture and is the first such entity in Sri Lanka, and in fact amongst a handful in the world at the forefront of this field.

Prof Perera is no stranger to innovation and early adoption of new technologies. She acknowledges, that the advent of next generation sequencing allows the microbiologists to look at housekeeping genes found in bacteria to identify the organisms with extremely high accuracy. The technology of next generation sequencing has been penetrating the spectrum of diagnostics in infectious diseases allowing for clinicians to use this technology to sort out the most challenging infectious case scenarios.

Credence Genomics has developed a range of commercial Genomic products for various industries that include bacterial & fungal testing using the latest metagenomic techniques. The comprehensive sequencing and bioinformatics services offered by the company are available for various commercial sciences, medical, agricultural, marine, as well as environmental applications. The company’s business objective is to become a global leader in Genomics through research and design & development of clinically actionable diagnostics.

As the President, Sri Lanka Medical Association and the Dean of the Medical Faculty of the Colombo University, Prof Jennifer Perera stated that “Next generation sequencing techniques will revolutionize the infectious disease diagnostics by replacing the conventional polymerase chain reaction based methods of disease diagnosis and is expected to  monopolize the commercial diagnostic trade during the next decade”

Prof Perera’s contribution and recognition of new techniques stems from the fact that she has been a member of many bodies such as the National Science Foundation (Research Committee on Biotechnology), National Research Council, Advisory Committee on Communicable Diseases and Task Force in Microbiology at the Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka.  An award winning scientist Prof. Jennifer Perera has won many accolades and prizes including the President’s Awards for Research for seven years in a row from 2007 – 2013.

As the Chair Professor of Microbiology, University of Colombo Prof, Jennifer’s presence on the panel of Credence is bound to give the organization a further impetus and take it to the next level of scientific development and initiative.

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