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Kenya and Dutch hail minnows quality

DANIEL TOWN, Jamaica, March 9, 2007 (AFP) – Kenya captain Steve Tikolo and Netherlands’ skipper Luuk van Troost hailed praised their sides after a compelling World Cup warm-up match which saw the Africans squeeze home by nine runs.

Both men felt they had gained some measure of respect for the ICC Associate nations attending the competition.

Van Troost believes the match was a great advertisement for the non-Test playing nations which have come under fire from critics who believe they should not be taking part in the World Cup.

“Umpire Billy Bowden came up to me after the game and said ‘you guys should play a lot more cricket’ and that was very pleasing,” he said.

Tikolo, who top-scored for his team and then took five wickets, added: “Both teams played good cricket and they stretched us to the last over and both sides produced good individual performances.”

Tikolo stole the spotlight with a handy all-round display which gave his side victory as they successfully defended a target of 275.

“It was a good performance from me and from the team to walk away with victory,” he said.

“But I also want to recognise the other guys in the team like Thomas Odoyo, Tony Suji, and Collins Obuya that gave us

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