Korea Eximbank checks feasibility to create ICT hub in Sri Lanka


S. S. Hettiarachchi, Secretary to the Ministry of Education of Sri Lanka (Center) with the KSP-ADB Joint Consulting Team from Korea

Oct 31, 2016 (LBO) – South Korea’s export and import bank is planning to conduct a comprehensive feasibility study to establish an ICT Hub for secondary education in Sri Lanka through a joint consulting firm.

Sri Lanka has identified that the availability of highly skilled labor force is vital to the economic growth as well as to the human resource development to meet the local and foreign labor market demands.

Korean embassy said the KSP-ADB Joint Consulting team composed of ICT experts and architects is going to survey the current ICT Hub status, to develop ICT Hub establishment plan and to finalize the architectural plan for the project.

“This consulting team will assess the financial viability of the project through cost estimation and narrowing down funding sources,” Korean embassy said.

“In addition to the feasibility study, the consulting team will provide capacity building programs for officials from the Ministry of Education of Sri Lanka and consultation on e-Library and e-Learning.”

At present, there are increasing needs to expand and improve not only the existing ICT infrastructure but also the software components such as ICT related education contents, education information standards, capacity building programs and methods targeting the secondary education from grade 6 to A/L.

The current needs have gained even more attention with the introduction of new A/L Technology Stream.

Proposed ICT Hub will have newly built National Content Development Center, 2 Provincial ICT Education Centers and 68 Zonal ICT Education Centers which will be fully equipped with education materials, network system and office equipment.

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