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Labour Check Up

The consultancy is expected to submit their proposals by March this year for eventual cabinet approval and islandwide implementation.

ldblquote The E&Y consultants will get representations from the unions, private sector and government agencies in their policy development process. We are very keen on learning about future employment requirements of the private sector and develop strategies to cater them dblquote , Samarasinghe said.

He also said labour law reforms are receiving a high priority from the new government.

Commenting about the UNP government quote s commitment to introduce lquote hire and fire quote style labour reforms to encourage investment, Samarasinghe said, ldblquote labour law reforms will be introduced along with social safety nets to protect the interest of the worker dblquote .

ldblquote There will be no reforms that will undermine the worker and place them in a weaker position dblquote , he added. Earlier government had plans to launch an insurance fund, jointly funded by both

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