Lack of evidence based policy making can be disastrous: Sri Lanka policy forum

Dec 10, 2009 (LBO) – Ad hoc public policy formulation can be disastrous and both China and India are evolving evidence based processes to back effective government action, academics and researchers said at a policy forum in Colombo. “The strategic direction is set by the Party and State Council and the People’s
Congress makes legislation,” Xue Lan professor of Public Policy at Tsinghua University in China said, participating in a regional policy forum in Colombo.

“Research support for China’s public policy making comes from think tanks and research centres affiliated to the government and outside and non governmental organisations.”

Xue is vice president of the China Association of Public Administration and Chinese Association of Science and Technology policy.

In 2006, a research centre affiliated to the State Council (a body similar to a cabinet of ministers) had come up with a report highlighting shortcomings in the health sector.

A top internal Party group supported by three university research units had been appointed to study the issue. In 2007, the World Bank and McKinsey had been appointed for further policy study and to recommend health sector reform.

“In 2007 there was a major conference where