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Lamudi identifies top gadgets to improve Sri Lankan real estate market


From drones to virtual reality, the impact of technology on the real estate industry is growing rapidly in Sri Lanka.

The use of drones have helped high rise building developers provide buyers with a view of the city from each floor, even before construction has begun; virtual reality allows buyers to experience the inside of a property, or even to redesign the interior, which helps in pre-sold condominiums. However, there are still a number of ways that technology can help real estate agents and industry professionals on a daily basis. Global real estate portal Lamudi has identified the top gadgets to improve the Sri Lankan real estate market. Staying connected Realtors today need to be contactable at all times, as demand for real estate is on the rise. A good agent will be available at any time to let a prospective client view a property. Though many realtors in Sri Lanka use smartphones, not many of these come with the best battery.
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To stay connected, a decent battery life is essential; in this case, a portable battery would be very useful. Luckily, technology has improved so much that slim phone covers with a rechargeable battery attached have already hit the Sri Lankan market.

This allows the user to charge to almost 100 percent battery once the charge falls to 15 percent or less, in addition to providing hardware safety. Showing off every angle Buyers are drawn toward advertisements with photos rather than those without. However, this does not mean any photo of a property will suffice. A photo that shows off the beauty of the property is much more likely to keep the phone ringing. These must be realistic though, or you will be caught out once the viewing process begins. Hiring a professional photographer to capture photos of each and every property would cost you a large amount of money; instead, invest in a drone with a camera, which would enable you to take pictures from any angle. Of course, training to fly would be necessary. Ask Google to Drive Technology doesn’t get better than Google. The company is in the process of manufacturing self-drive cars that would allow you to conduct business with ease at any time, and anywhere. If you need to pick up a client while you are busy with another, simply use Google’s self-drive car, to collect your next client and take them to the viewing, where you can meet. Buy a tablet and a PC together An agent or broker can be busy at office or on the go. It is much easier to have one single device to manage your schedule, including events, meetings, and conferences, as well as your emails, calls and to-do list. Though a smartphone can do most of this, a modern tablet which can be transformed into a laptop would be much more comfortable when working in the office or on-site; during client meetings, this provides a more professional device for displaying photographs and videos of the property.
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