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Lanka Bell stuck in interconnection

The Court of Appeal on Thursday issued an interim order preventing the telecom watchdog from implementing Caller Party Pays (CPP) immediately.
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A fixed phone subscriber made the petition on the grounds that the regulator had failed to properly evaluate the negative effects of CPP and sufficiently inform the public.
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rn rnThe petition states that the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) had not made any direct notifications to the public about the new cost associated with CPP. rn rnThe petition read ldblquote the Respondent (TRC) has hitherto failed to issue any officials intimation regarding the proposed regime and thus my source of information has been newspaper reports. dblquotern rnThe Court will hear the case on March 10. Meanwhile, the regulator says CPP will not be implemented until after April 12, giving ample time for the public to respond to the move.
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