eases the hassle of buying and selling property

Today’s busy lifestyle hastaken away the luxury of time to attend to all that entails a property transaction. This includes countless amounts of paperwork, finding lawyers and valuers, spending a day at government institutions to pay stamp duties,and consultbanksto fill in forms to applyfor a housing loan. LankaPropertyWeb’snew Buyer and Seller Assistance portal removes this hassle, serving as a personal assistantto customers to take care of all such transactional needs.
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The Buyer and Seller Assistance product from LankaPropertyWebservesas a single window of contact, eliminating customers’ need to engage with five or more offices and numerous personnel to complete a property transaction. The service offers considerable savings on time and money, and it is even available for properties offered on rent. With LankaPropertyWeb’s Buyer and Seller Assistance product, customers will never miss any vital aspect of the transaction, plus, significantly reduce the risk of fraud. The portal is aimed not only atoffering convenience and to save time, but also to ensure all relevant documentationisverified whilst generating awareness onprecautions that must be taken to avoid fraud. A regular transaction involves engaging with over five professional services and three government institutions, consuming valuable time and costs. In addition to drafting legal documents, customers also need to ensure precautions to prevent fraudulent amendments and transfers of deeds and other documents. When purchasing a property, there are seven documents and certificates that buyers need to investigate to ascertain if the developer has the necessary authority and approvals to hand over the deeds for each parcel. This service provides end-to-end assistance covering all aspects of a property transaction including valuations, preparation of deeds or tenancy agreements, plus, help with applying for a housing loan and submitting documents to the Land Registry.Professionals such as lawyers and valuers who serve with LankaPropertyWeb have been handpicked based on their expertise, credibility and reputation in the field, ensuring customers get the best services from renowned professionals. With the introduction of this service, LankaPropertyWeb aspires to make property sales and purchase a hassle-free process, enabling buyers and sellers to fully enjoy the fruits of their transaction. (PRESS RELEASE) 
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